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About the project

The Garcia River Forest Protection Project preserves the  California Redwood Forests to come. The California redwood forest stores more carbon per hectare than any other forest type, and contributes to supporting the habitats of a variety of threatened species.

At a Glance

  • Stores 77,000+ tCO2e annually 

  • Protects 9,600+ hectares of ancient redwood forest 

  • Protects 53 miles of stream, home to multiple endangered fish species

Project Benefits

  • Created 200+ jobs 

  • Balances environmental stewardship with sustainable economics

  • Sequesters 77,000+ tons CO2e annually from atmosphere

  • Protects 9,600+ hectares of ancient redwood forest 

  • Promotes biodiversity and protects habitats

How it works

  • Sustainable timber production in the region ensures that the forest is managed properly, jobs created and funds are used, in addition to offsets purchased, to support the necessary environmental work

  • The protected forest hectares pull harmful carbon from the atmosphere and store it

  • Habitats are improved and protected for endangered species that live amongst the redwood forest, promoting biodiversity 

  • Success of the project demonstrates the ability to balance sustainable economics with environmental preservations. Leading the way for more projects that follow a similar model